Egyptian Linen Tote Bag

Nice Egyptian Linen Tote Bag, in good condition, cream coloured with coloured print embossed imagery. It is of solid construction. Impressive  looking.

This item although new does look second hand as it appears hand made with the linen darker towards edges >and >on inside looks like stains (maybe from glue) along sewing lines. It looks like it has been in storage in shop for some time. Saying that, from outside it looks nice.

This Egyptian Linen Tote Bag is normally only able to be obtained in Egypt.

Maybe picked up from Thomastown 3074 Melbourne - please ask for directions.
Will post in cheapest satchel, cost $8.50.

Egyptian Linen Tote BAg
Item Specification
Colour as per pics
Length 430 mm
Width 340 mm
Depth 80 mm
Ronica Trade